Monovisc 15mg/ml 4 ml injection - Rx

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Monovisc is a viscosupplementation type of medication primarily designed to treat pain and limitation of motion among patients with osteoarthritis.

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Monovisc 15mg/ml 4 ml injection - Rx

Monovisc 15mg/ml 4 ml injection - Rx Monovisc is a viscosupplementation type of medication primarily designed to treat pain and limitation of motion among patients with osteoarthritis. Buy online
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Monovisc is a viscosupplementation type of medication primarily designed to treat pain and limitation of motion among patients with osteoarthritis. Monovisc is characterized as a viscous substance with high molecular weight (kDa) derived from non-animal Hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a natural substance of the body that lubricates the spaces between two connecting bones. Monovisc is a new comer manufactured by Anika Therapeutics Inc. It contains lightly cross-linked sodium hyaluronate dissolved in phosphate-buffered saline at physiological osmolality. Although approval for dissemination of the medicaments in the U.S is still pending, it’s already out and approved in Europe and Turkey.

Monovisc Action Mechanism

Monovisc is another type of hyaluronic acid remedy that restores the normal lubrication of synovial fluid in joints. In cases such as Osteoarthritis, the joints lose its capacity to produce lubricants to make each movements smooth and pain free. What happens is that the synovial fluid depletes making the spaces between the two bones diminished. It will not cause any pain for some time but as the disease progresses; the bones will squeeze to each other to the point of contact. Frequent movement will cause pain because the bone is already in contact and collision occurs.

The hyaluronan where Monovisc is derived from is a natural substance found in all synovial fluid in the body. Monovisc then mimic the function of hyaluronan. It increases the number of lubricants within the joints, enhancing the interactions between adjacent bones. It also provides cushioning and protection in an arthritic joints. Most importantly, Monovisc can reduce pain secondary to bone collisions.

Monovisc Indications

Monovisc is indicated for patient who suffers from painful knee secondary to osteoarthritis. Doctor’s prescription should be obtained first before taking the medicaments. Prescription of medicine is only given to patients who do not respond in conservative treatment of OA

Mode of Administration

Just like any other viscosupplementation therapy, Monovisc is administered through intra-articular injection. The procedure is done by orthopaedic surgeon, rheumatologist and other health care professionals who are qualified to give the medicament. Monovisc is directly injected in the synovial membrane of the knee joint. Anesthesia is injected prior to Monovisc administration.

Monovisc primarily released its effect in the synovial fluid of the knee joint and so it will not affect other structures of the body and it will not inhibit any other medications. Monovisc is packaged in a sense that the required dosage is already placed in a sterile, disposable hypodermic needle. The remedy is administered once every 4-6 months.

Contraindication and Caution

Monovisc is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to hyaluronate containing substance. It is also contraindicated if the patient has a history of allergic reaction secondary to intra-articular injection procedures. Open wounds, infected injection sites and skin diseases that can be aggravated by intra-articular injection are also known to be contraindicated.

Although studies have not yet confirmed anything, one should still take extra caution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should be able to talk to your doctor regarding all past medical history, family history and history of present illness to rule out any risks factors. Different aseptic procedures for disinfection should also take in consideration. One must perform aseptic procedure before and after the administration of Monovisc.

If swelling occurs after intra-articular injection, you can apply ice pack in the injection site to reduce it. Avoiding strenuous activities should be observed for the next 48 hours after Monovisc administration.

Monovisc Side Effects

Side effect of the Monovisc is not yet been established. However, we must consider the fact that Monovisc is a viscosupplementation therapy for OA pain relief; therefore we must keep in mind that any other reactions of the body that is not present prior to Monovisc injection should be taken as side effects. You should immediately inquire your doctor about it.

Having said this, we also need to consider that the pain and swelling may occur but it is not a direct cause of Monovisc but rather the intra-articular injection procedure. Excessive pain and swelling on the injection site may suggest otherwise. Nonetheless there is still no well-established adverse effect seen in patients taking Monovisc.

Monovisc Interaction

All patients taking any kind of medicine should have the sense of responsibility to tell it to their doctor for precautionary measures. Some medicaments may increase or decrease the effect of a specific remedy. In case of Monovisc, since it’s only a newbie in medicine industry there are still no known remedy interaction made into public except ammonium substance that has the same sodium hyaluronate components.

Interesting Facts

Monovisc medication can alleviate the pain of OA with one remedy injection. Akina Therapeutics Inc., is the manufacturer of Orthovisc, a medicament that relieve OA pain, the same manufacturer that produce Monovisc.

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